Welcome Screen

The 2 step application process

1. Create and save a project

You can start a project and save it without worries. At this stage, nothing is final. It's not your application just yet.

You can edit, save, edit, save, as much as you need to. Consider it your playground. Or let's call it a draft for now.

2. Submit your application

Whenever you are ready. But once you've submitted the application, we take it seriously. No more editing, no more playground. It's what the jury will consider.

You'll see a button on your project's page saying "Start application". Once you hit it, you'll go through all the sections and fill out all the mandatory fields. Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds.

You can stop at any time. Just hit the "Cancel" button on your top-right. 

When you're finished, just click on the "Submit Application" button. 

Let's go over it again:

The 2 step process

1. Create your project now, save and edit your project as much as you want.

2. Start the application process when you're ready and send it by hitting the "Submit application" button.

Go start your project now

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