Definitely apply! You cannot lose anything when participating at the Social Impact Award. The feedback provided will help you to concretize your idea. Especially if your idea is still very young, the award offers you a good opportunity to let it grow.

And even ideas in a very early stage of development have the chance to win a Social Impact Award – as long as they are good and well thought through and you show that you/your team can and will implement it.


The application of more than one project by one single person or team is valid. However, each application has to comprise a clearly defined project and to be complete in the submitted documents (have a look at the formal criteria of application).

If you are one of the finalists, you should dedicate yourself to your project during the summer (July to September). Depending on the progress of your project, you will put together a business model and a business concept, generate first prototypes and take the first steps towards implementation. The Social Impact Award allows you to fully concentrate on your project and to get very far in a short time.

In addition, we offer you a workspace with office infrastructure and access to a pool of experts as well as our worldwide network of social entrepreneurs. During this time, you should also report regularly to the Social Impact Award Team about your progress - a mentor will accompany you during the process. This will allow you to present your project and its progress to other interested parties, supporters and potential partners.

After the submission phase, our screening team will review all submitted project ideas and create a shortlist of the most promising project ideas based on our submission criteria. This will then be forwarded to our jury, which will also select the 8 best finalist projects based on these criteria.

These 8 finalist projects will be announced at our finalist announcement a few weeks later.

Even if you are not able to dedicate the summer to your project during the summer, you can still benefit from applying to the Social Impact Award.

Taking part in our webinars or making use of our broad online support offer gives you valuable input for the development of your project idea. By applying, you will receive feedback on your project idea from our screening team and jury.

However, you are not eligible to receive one of the Social Impact Award Finalist Tickets as these are reserved for those projects and project teams that are able to work on their ideas during the summer months.

If you have further questions, please visit our website or social media channels or contact us directly via our online contact form.

Submitters acknowledge that they comply with the rules of competition and accept the decisions of the selection team and jury.


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