Definitely apply! You cannot lose anything when participating in the Social Impact Award, and the workshops and contact with other students will help you to concretize your idea. Especially if your idea is still very young, the award offers you a good opportunity to let it grow.

And even ideas in a very early stage of development have the chance to win a Social Impact Award Stipend – as long as they are good and well thought through and you show that you/your team can and will implement it.

Yes! Come on by and join us at all Social Impact Award events. Every workshop, the kick-off event, and the award ceremony are free of charge, and we warmly welcome all interested persons. Registration is not mandatory, though we would appreciate it as it helps us in planning. We are happy to receive your confirmation of participation on Eventbrite.

All rights on your application remain of course with you. We will publish your short description on our website and save it in our communication and media documents, so that your idea can inspire other students and other people (press, potential partners, volunteers) may become aware of your project. All rights to the submissions remain of course with the submitting team.

The application of more than one project by one single person or team is valid. However, each application has to comprise a clearly defined project and to be complete in the submitted documents (have a look at the formal criteria of application).

If you are one of the finalists of the award, you have the responsibility to dedicate most of your summer (June-September 2016) to your project. This includes – according to the stage of your project’s development – the development of a business model and a concept, first prototypes of your idea, and first steps towards implementation. The Social Impact Award enables you as a finalist to dedicate yourself intensively to your project and take big steps in a short time.

Additionally we offer you a working space with office infrastructure and access to a worldwide network of social entrepreneurs. This is done through a membership at Impact Hub Vienna and is accessible to you during the summer months of June to September 2016. During that period you are also required to report your developments regularly to the Social Impact Award team. In this way, you are able to present your project and its progress to other students and potential future partners and supporters.

As a winner of Social Impact Award you further commit yourself to participate in the SIA Europe Summit in October 2016 to present the further developments of your project during the summer months in front of the whole international community. Here again you have the opportunity to inspire others and convince them of your project.

The monetary part of the prize is transferred to you in three parts at the beginning of the months October, November, December 2016 upon proof that you are actively working on the project.

Even if you are not able to dedicate the summer to your project during the summer, you can still benefit from applying to the Social Impact award. Your project will be published on http://socialimpactaward.at and presented to the general public. Furthermore, you can benefit from the workshops and the valuable input for the development of your project idea. However, you are not eligible to receive one of the Social Impact Award Finalist Tickets, as these are reserved for those projects and project teams that are able to work on their ideas during the summer months.

If you have further questions, please visit http://socialimpactaward.at, our Facebook page or contact us directly via our online contact form.

Submitters acknowledge that they comply with the rules of competition and accept the decisions of the pre-selection team and jury.

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